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'There's life before, and there's life after a retreat with Leonie'







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‘Hi, my name is Marjolein Vrijenhoek and I’m a Dutch author. I may say that since recently, and partly thanks to Leonie Joanne. She helped and guided me during the period in which I was shifting towards a change in my work. First online in group workshops, then on the island of Ikaria during a retreat and finally as my personal coach.

Both Leonie Joanne as a person and her method of writing meditations and systemic constellations helped me to move forward and cristalize what I truly wanted and needed to do. Since this became so clear to me, everything seems to fall into place, my recent novel being the best proof of that. I highly, highly recommend working with Leonie Joanne to those in search of their true mission. And themselves, first and foremost. Good luck!’

Marjolein Vrijenhoek, The Netherlands, published author

‘The 1-on-1 session was a real breakthrough. It was such a beautiful session. The setup with the figurines at the end really grounded it. I printed out the screenshots and look at them every day. My inner child bubbles with joy when she sees them. And our whole conversation about a year-long training and pricing, BOOM, that has also landed. I have now started reshaping my business. I have a very clear vision and strategy in my mind. And indeed, producing and creating films is my true dream. I feel immense peace towards my father and more peace towards my mother. Beautiful!’

Marie Delanote, Ireland, healer, business owner and filmmaker

‘Never before have I met someone with as much empathy, compassion, sympathy, understanding, empathy, and love as you. The one-on-one session I attended has stirred something within me. It felt like balm on sore spots. I now look at myself differently. Without judgment, without shame. I am starting to believe that I have every right to exist and flourish. My sincere thanks for this impressive, healing experience!’

Lea Breugelmans, Belgium

‘I participated in Leonie’s retreat on the Greek island Icaria. I experienced a very deep and transforming process. It feels as if I have finally shed my old skin. As if a switch has been pressed and I am once again connected to my life force, to life itself. Thank you, Leonie, for your love and the oh-so-special, profound, transformative, and healing work that you do with heart and soul. Magic is the only word that encompasses it all.’

Ingrid Notten, The Netherlands

‘After participating in Leonie’s Summer Retreat in 2022, I felt the desire for more. I entered the year-long training to continue my inner journey. I experience the training as a warm, safe, and enjoyable nest to dig deep within myself and further explore what is happening inside me, especially what is holding me back from taking new steps. I feel that the whole process is bringing me closer to myself and my soul's longing. I have become much calmer and more connected to myself, and as a result, more engaged.’

Arjan van O., The Netherlands

‘In just two hours, so many puzzle pieces fell into place. All of them were inner pieces, images, and insights that I had encountered separately in countless workshops and therapy sessions. Leonie wove them all together in an instant. I was able to feel how they could now land within me, from my head to my heart and womb. Magical! For me, this is proof that the 1:1 session with her had to happen exactly NOW, and that I am ready to finally write my book.’

Carine Mortier, Spain, Life-Quality coach

‘I experienced Leonie as very respectful, capable of confronting without judgment. After just one session, it was clear to me what my next step in entrepreneurship should be. I am very grateful that she crossed my path.’

Wouter den Dulk, The Netherlands, business owner, life coach and yoga teacher

‘Leonie shed light on my blockages from a perspective I couldn't see on my own. This provided insight and clarity, allowing my life energy to flow freely. Leonie has the great talent to make people shine again. She does so with wisdom and imagery that resonates with each individual.’

An Vervecken, Belgium

‘Leonie has taught me to look at certain things in a completely different way. This ranges from a simple statement like, "So you've been trying your whole life not to be the artist that you truly are?" to the straightforward question, "But what do you truly want?" And to top it all off, "Make it concrete!" In other words, get to work, you rascal! She also taught me to view things from a place of gratitude rather than frustration and anger. Thanks to Leonie's assistance and statements like "dare to embrace your multiplicity," I have developed a new relationship with myself. You see, I was afraid of my multitude and versatility. At first, I was either the salesperson, the artist, or the entrepreneur. However, after engaging in systemic work with Joey, where these different roles were represented, I can allow them to coexist and switch roles without constantly battling myself. I am all of them at once, and that's okay! I have truly undergone a mind shift, and I owe Leonie an immense debt of gratitude.’

Cees Franke, The Netherlands, business owner, life coach and artist

‘It was a tremendously deep experience. It happened effortlessly, and all the while I felt safe and held. Leonie works from a deep inner knowing, she masters the art to go beyond time and space and is colorful and resolute in her presence. She made me feel free and connected at the same time. I have often looked at her and thought; what a courageous woman, what an extraordinary woman, what a journey she has traveled! I greatly admire her for how she liberated and manifested herself and how she allows herself to be touched and to be vulnerable too. Thank you for seeing me. Through the chaos, you see the unity.’

Reinhard Peeters, Fire Keeper and shaman, Belgium

‘What a week! It gives such a good feeling to be able to go so deep. That's where the treasure and the chemistry of transformation lie. I feel calmer and more grounded. And at the same time, lighter and more playful because my backpack weighs less. Dancing has become a keyword, and it inspires me to approach life more dancing every day. Once back home, my partner was impressed by the change in me. She felt that I stood more firmly in myself, and she was deeply moved by the inner work I had done during the retreat.’

Patrick Billens, Belgium

‘You were the bright spot in my darkness. I had been through a few intensely difficult months, and there seemed to be no end in sight.

Despite years of work and trauma healing in the past, I found myself back in old painful patterns. I was incredibly anxious and felt completely paralyzed, especially when it came to writing my books. My relationship was also on the verge of breaking, and I felt like my whole life was about to shatter.

During the session, I experienced what I call 'butterfly resistance.' I call it butterfly resistance because it's an exciting, enjoyable resistance that feels like butterflies in my stomach and heart. I experience this whenever my subconscious, soul, and body already know that something is about to break through and heal, but my ego is not ready to admit it yet. It was a special session where we could delve deeper into what was still playing out and hindering me. I must say, that session, that day with you, turned everything around. From very dark to light.

As for my relationship, we chose our deepest truth and happiness. Since your session, which was the first aligned decision, everything has contributed to today. The storm has subsided. Everything is flowing at a higher level, including writing my books. And I genuinely feel that you handed me the key to open that portal. You gave me the push to step through it. Since that moment, that day, everything has started rolling like a snowball effect.

So, THANK YOU. Sincerely. That turning point was GOLD, and all the insights we gained together in co-creation."

Maxime Van Mensel
Author, Alchemist, Coach and Healer




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