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Disclaimer Retreats,

Training, Coaching and Workshops

Welcome to our retreats, workshops, training and coaching programs. Please read this disclaimer carefully before participating. These programs are designed to support your personal and spiritual development, but it's essential to understand the following points:

  1. Nature of the Programs:

Our retreats, workshops, training and coaching sessions are intended for self-exploration, personal and/or business growth, and spiritual development. They are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological treatment. If you have any underlying medical or mental health conditions, consult with your healthcare provider before participating.

  1. Self-Responsibility:

You are responsible for your own well-being, both physically and emotionally, during all the programs. You should engage in activities and discussions at your own pace and comfort level. If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, please communicate with our facilitators.

If you are in therapy, going through a difficult life phase, taking medication, or receiving any other form of treatment, please inform us well in advance.

We cannot be held responsible for the decisions you make based on the insights you gain or experiences you have during our programs. You always retain your own responsibility.

Again, our programs are not intended to replace regular therapy. If you feel the need for extra support or therapy (e.g., in the case of grieving), we recommend finding a good therapist. Writing and family constellations are fantastic tools for self-inquiry and healing, and it can support regular therapy, but it can never replace regular therapy.

  1. Privacy:

Please be mindful of others' privacy and the confidentiality of shared experiences during the programs. What is shared during the programs should remain confidential, and participants should respect each other's boundaries.

  1. No Guarantees:

While we strive to create a positive and transformative experience, we do not guarantee specific outcomes or results from these programs. The extent of personal growth and spiritual development depends on individual participation and commitment.

  1. Release of Liability:

By participating in our programs, you agree to release our organization and facilitators from any liability for injuries, losses, or damages that may occur during or as a result of your participation. You voluntarily assume all risks associated with these programs.

  1. Informed Consent:

You should make an informed decision about your participation, taking into consideration your mental and physical health, and any existing conditions that may affect your ability to engage fully.

  1. Consultation:

If you are currently under medical or psychological treatment or therapy, please consult with your healthcare provider or therapist to ensure that participation in these programs is appropriate for you.

  1. Emergency Contact:

In the event of an emergency, we will make reasonable efforts to contact the person you designate as your emergency contact. Please provide accurate emergency contact information in the subscription forms.

  1. Consent for Recordings and Photography:

Our programs may involve audio or video recordings and photography for documentation and promotional purposes. Your participation implies consent for your image or voice to be recorded and used for these purposes.

  1. Dispute Resolution:

Any disputes or concerns should be addressed directly with our organization's facilitators and coordinators, and we will make reasonable efforts to resolve them.

  1. Rules for (Silent) Retreats

We create a safe atmosphere that is crucial for a retreat. These rules are not strict rules; it's about doing what is good for you.

  • Silence: During silent retreats you are invited to enter into silence and let silence speak for you. Silence is an invitation to  truly delve deep into your own story and to calm the daily 'noise' and chatter in your mind. If you find silence difficult, you can seek advice or support from the facilitators. Out of respect for the silence of others, it is expected that you do not disturb them. Always pay attention to what others need.

  • Wi-Fi Detox: During our retreats, we recommend an "electronic detox," meaning that you use the internet or phone as little as possible, unless it's for emergencies. If you know that abstaining from phone, iPad or laptop is challenging for you, you can potentially leave your phone or iPad with us during the silent days. 

  • Alcohol: We also ask you to keep your mind clear and consume little to no alcohol. Make sure that alcohol consumption doesn't disrupt your inner process and/or development. In case of alcohol abuse or excessive drunkenness, we reserve the right to remove you from the program. As they say: enjoy in moderation!


By participating in our programs, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and you accept the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, please refrain from participating.

Please read also our General Terms and Conditions in the footer of the website.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to supporting you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

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